Retrospective by blackbear + the surf bums

by blackbear + the surf bums

This album was recorded over a few years in Nashville, Tenn. and Cleveland, Ohio. The earliest songs “Geep Rangler” and “Elated,” were recorded in a small dorm room by Greg Scheckler and feature all three founding members; Ricky Hamilton (The Nico Missile), Carter Luckfield (Dionysian Mystery) and Jared Chapman. The songs “Tandem Danderly’s,” “Malaga,” and “Stormy Weather,”were recorded in Cleveland at Wild Lion Studios for the “El Año Del Surf.” LP. All the songs featured on Soft Kisses In The Rain EP were recorded at either Elberta or 15th Avenue South In Nashville by Chris Worley and Greg Sheckler. The album has been curated by founding members and has been remastered by James K. at Bad Racket Recording in Cleveland, Ohio. Electric Lady Love, Red Wine, and It’s Just A Feeling were recorded at sessions during the making of Soft Kisses. We would like to thank our dedicated fans for encouraging us to compile this record. Thank you.

released February 11, 2016

Ricky Hamilton — Vox, Songwriting, Lyrics, Drums, Percussion
Carter Luckfield — Guitars, Songwriting, Bass, Various World Instruments, Keys, Melotron, Backing Vox, Arrangements
Jared Chapman — Bass, Songwriting, Vocal Arrangements and Harmonies
Chloe Kat — Backing Vocals on Electric Lady Love
Kinsey Brown — Backing Vocals on Stormy Weather

Recorded by — Greg Scheckler and Chris Worley.
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