JuJu Shrine by JuJu Shrine

JuJu Shrine
by JuJu Shrine




JuJu Shrine combines influences like Stooges, Swans, Scratch Acid, and Pagans to create a full bodied, noisy, and explosive sound. They played eight shows before going on hiatus for personal reasons. These recordings were dragged through the gutter and gifted to me as a final statement of a band that burned so brightly they couldn’t help but melt in cleveland punk history.


released February 4, 2016

Recorded at Bad Racket Recording in Cleveland, Ohio by James Kananan. Musicians include Marty Brass (songwriter, guitars, bass vocals). Dylan Grove (writing + keyboard/organ). George Chattem (drums). Recording sessions took place throughout 2015.

tags: punk art rock glam punk post-punk Cleveland Ohioi